Any kinds of questions or problems come up when we are using blue tooth earphones. How do you solve them? For instance, why the indicator light is off when a blue tooth earphone is being charged? Why a blue tooth earphone can not be turned on normally? Why there is no sign showing in a blue tooth earphone when it is being charged? These problems are common. What's wrong with our blue tooth earphone, the real question is, problems happen short after the blue tooth earphone is bought, as we know, it's still a new blue tooth earphone.

The problems mentioned above can be related to the earphone's technical errors, however, the possibility can be the earphone is fine. How come? Let's read the following:

The reason might be your earphone has been working to long when the indicator light is off when a blue tooth earphone is being charged as earphones work with a skill called self protection, which put your earphone in "shut off "state, If so, you just keep charging it for a few of minutes or even dozens of minutes, if still not working, please check whether it's plug in, otherwise you may consider the earphone has got technical problems.

So far, all the earphones i have used,  I think MOLANG earphone is the best for not causing too much trouble.